Hi! My name is Rebekah and I work with heart-centred and creative entrepreneurs to carry some of the load in their business, so they can have more time to follow their passion!

Running your own business can demand a lot from you and your time, and managing all of the tasks required to grow your business can seem as hard and impossible as climbing Mount Everest! And just like you need the help of a Sherpa (or two!) to climb Mount Everest, sometimes you need the help of a virtual assistant to manage your endless list of tasks.

And that’s what I do.

I’m your Virtual Sherpa!

What Do You Need?

Thank you for bringing outstanding work to the table Rebekah. The fabulous logo you have designed will be the face of my brand and it means a lot to me. The extensive effort you have put in and the agile feedback system you have employed to work around your client’s needs is what brings the best out of both the teams. I loved your work and loved working with you. Thank you Rebekah!
— Roshni Shaikh, The Business Primer

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