Hey there! I'm so happy to meet you :)

My name is Rebekah Sherpa and I am a Virtual Assistant providing general administration, design and email marketing services to heart-centred and creative entrepreneurs, just like YOU! There are so many things to take care of when running a business, and I love being able to take some of the load for you, so I can give you back the time you spend on that ever-growing mountain of tasks, to focus on what matters the most . . . following your PASSION, and growing your business!

I was quite surprised when I made the decision to become a VA. I told myself it was because I wanted to help my family as a stay at home mum, that I wanted to live a location independent life so that we could work toward our goal of moving back to Nepal. But the truth is, I know I need more from life. I need to be helping others! Then I remembered that I’m a great believer that sometimes life chooses our path for us. We don’t always know what that path is or why it has been chosen for us, we just know that we can’t resist it! And just like me, there are so many people out there (like YOU!) that have been called to their own paths, a path they HAVE to follow, even if they have no idea how they are going to do that. There are people out there pursuing what they are passionate about because they feel compelled to do so, despite the fact they are also juggling a 9-5, or a family, or medical issues, or a divorce, or caring for elderly parents, or an interstate/overseas move, or competing passions. These are the people I am called to help. I want you to wake up each morning excited to do what you love, not be overwhelmed by it! I want to support YOU to follow the path you have been called to follow, because when you are doing what you are passionate about, you are actually nurturing your soul. And that is the magic of the Universe at it’s finest!

I am a multipotentialite with many passions, and I love it! I love trying new things and I have worked in roles in administration, retail, hospitality, community service, and surface pattern design. I have tried my hand at door-to-door sales and network marketing, and I've even run a trekking agency in Nepal with my (Sherpa) husband! I also have a lot of hobbies and enjoy using my hands to sew, work with wood, and draw and paint. Upcyclying and fixing things brings me a lot of joy!

I've spent most of my adult life studying subjects like law, science, ancient history, psychology, mental health, bookkeeping and design. I love learning, and I’m good at it! Being a multipotentialite means I learn quickly, I get a lot done, and I never get bored! I love being busy, but I'm slowly learning the value of taking time for quiet moments too. Unfortunately, having an active toddler and running a business means I haven't meditated in a long time!

I truly believe that it is such an honour and a privilege to be able to follow the path to which we have been called, and I want to encourage and support other creative and heart-centred women on their journey. I really care about people like YOU and the things you’re passionate about. I understand, because I know what it is like to be passionate about something, and how nurturing that passion is so important if we are going to live healthy, balanced, happy lives.

So let me support you as you follow this path that life has laid in front of you. Let me give you back the time you need so that you can continue to do what you love! Let me save you money so that you can continue to invest in your business and in YOURSELF! Let me walk with you as a business partner and a friend, to take on some of those tasks you don’t want to do, to brainstorm ideas with you, to celebrate in your successes with you and to encourage you on when things don’t go to plan. I may not know how to do everything, but I’m confident in my ability to learn and I always know how to figure it out. In fact, I love saying “I’m not sure, but I’ll figure it out!” It’s kind of how I live life. Afterall, that’s how I ended up living in Nepal and marrying a Sherpa I’d only met three months before. But that’s a completely different story. You should ask me about it sometime!

I can't wait to start supporting you!


I have hired a lot of people to help my business over the years, but I am a perfectionist and always wasted money paying them for part of a project before letting them go. I was then forced to waste a huge amount of my own work hours doing it myself, learning all the tech from scratch. Rebekah is the first person who has actually done what I wanted and done it really well! She put together and edited the design, styling, font, colour, images and links in my newsletter, and I didn’t need to lift a finger! And I could tell she was honest with the hours, because I know how long that type of work can take. She was quick, really quick!
— Natalie Meade, Hunter Birth Education Centre